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  1. Hi Betty,

    I am interested in joining your tour on either 4 May or 5 May, whichever of the two days that you are free. I would have arrived in Prague on the night of 1 May and would have already joined couple of group walking tours on 2 and 3 May. I would like to see places in Prague that those general group tours miss. All of the pictures looks very pretty in your website so it is difficult for me to choose where to go and see. I am interested in Lesser Town for now but whatever you suggest you suit me. If you are free could 2 hours be ok for the tour? And it will just be me only so if you’d like to included me with your other client to make a bigger group, that is ok with me also.

    Please let me know if you are interested in leading me on a tour on either 4 or 5 May.

    Linus Hyun


    • Dear Linus,

      Thank you for contacting me. Im available on May 4 at the moment.
      Yes, we can do the Lesser Town including beautiful gardens with great views of the city.

      Please, let me know when you would like to start and where I can pick you up. Usually I meet my clients in the lobby in their hotel.

      Im looking forward your reply
      (please, contact me on email betty@praguesteps.com)



  2. Dear Betty,

    Thank you for making May 4th available for me. I will be staying in Residence La Fenice, Vinohradská 83, Praha 2, Vinohrady, Prague, 120 00 Czech Republic. I can start what ever the time you wish.

    I’ve never been to Prague and never hired a private tour guide before. Could it also possible to tour an art museum? I am not trained in art and my interest is amateurish and only as a tourist but I am really interested in what trained art historian like yourself could tell me about the paintings or any other piece of art.

    If the art museum visit adds 1 or 2 additional hours, that would be fine with me. I prefer old paintings to the modern ones and am more interested in the meaning and the messages the artists try to convey more than the technique but if you could tell me about techniques, historical context, and even introduction to the modern art, I will consider them valuable introduction. For the choice of the museum, I will let you be choose because I don’t know any in Prague.

    I am very looking forward to meet you on May 4 and to be guided by your expert knowledge of your beautiful city and the arts in it. My email address is lhyun2001@gmail.com.

    Linus Hyun


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