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For many years I wanted to bring my wife to Prague as I had been before and found it one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. The first time I visited this incredible city, I just wandered around on my own but felt there was still so much history to know about. This time I decided to hire a guide. I found Betty on Internet and I must say it was the best investment I did on this trip. We started early morning as we were eager to discover the city through the eyes of a local expert. Her knowledge and sympathy brought us to places which we would have never found on our own. I, and my wife so enjoyed every single moment and this time I felt that finally I was starting to get deep into Prague’s fascinating history. The day we return surely we will let Betty and once again be guided by the hand because, for lack of time, so much was said but so much was still left to be seen. We recommend Betty as a guide because she can bring to life the great story and stories of the past. Thank you dear Betty!

“Such a delightful experience. I didn’t have to waste any time staring at a guide book or map trying to figure out where in the world I was among the delightful maze of streets that are Prague. Instead I was greeted by a smiling Betty at my hotel, who then led me around Prague – filling my mind with wonderfully unexpected facts about history and everyday life of Prague… and allowed me to stop over and over again to take pictures… she showed me things I simply would not have seen without her.
I would highly recommend booking more than one day with Betty… she has such a passion for Prague and all that it has to offer, it would be a shame to limit your experience. And she is brilliant at adapting to your desires and the weather ;0) I loved every minute of it… and if I’m lucky enough to return, I will be booking more time with her!”

“I highly recommend the personalized services provided by Prague Steps. I contacted Betty online to get personalized tours of the best contemporary and baroque art that Prague has to offer. Together we determined an itinerary that best suited my needs and schedule. Betty took us behind the scenes, away from the maddening crowds, to give us an intimate historical tour of the city that many group tour guides don’t know or share. I would highly recommend anyone planning a visit to Prague to contact Betty to arrange a memorable experience of this beautiful city.”

Interview with me in the second most read Czech newspaper Deník Právo.


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