Vyšehrad (“castle on the heights”) est. 10th c.

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Vyšehrad area is associated with old legend about princess Libuše and the first princess of Premyslid dynasty.

There was an ecclesiastic and secular center with three churches in 11th century. Charles IV integrated Vyšehrad into coronation way and Vyšehrad happend to be a dominant on the edge of The New Town.

The lookout of the Vyšehrad rock offers a beautiful view of the river valley and city panorama with the Prague Castle.

There is a complex of functional buildings co called Barrandov Terraces projected by Václav Havel’s father.
There are famous Barrandov Film Studios founded by Václav Havel uncle in 1930s next to it. These film studios are one of the biggest on the world and many films shooted there were awarded by American Film Academy with Oscar Prize.