Hradschine (Hradčany) est. 1320

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Hradschine Square with Prague Castle in background, personal prague tour guide, guided tours

Hradchine, Prague quarter founded in 14th century, is situated along the way from Pohořelec to the Prague Castle. There are a lot of beautiful palaces and it is a home to famous pilgrimage place Loreto with Holy Hut
(Santa Casa) and 300 years old chime with 30 bells cast in Amsterdam by Claudy Fremy.

The house of the second Czechoslovakian president (Václav Beneš) wife is the future place of Václav Havel Library. Institution looking after the legacy of Václav Havel.

Once you are at Hradchine you should not miss a picturesque part called Nový Svět (New World) with its charming streets of small houses. The house no. 1 is the former home of Rudolph II court astronomer, Tycho Brahe.