Private meetings with Czech artists

Let me arrange for you the private meeting with the renowned Czech artists in their own studios. 

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Petr Písařík

“If today’s Czech art scene has an artist capable of moving with the same ease as, for example, Chris Ofili, then that person is Petr Písařík. I do not intend this to be a superficial comparison of approaches to similar materials, whether decorative beads or gaudy colours. Nor am I interested in such significant differences, for instance, in approaches to the problem of cultural and personal identity, which is one of the central themes of Ofili’s work but of marginal relevance to Písařík. I am more engrossed by the journeys of human imagination, which can combine infamous visual clichés with numbing and breath-taking beauty, and decorative restlessness with strict composition. Like Ofili, Písařík is an artist who can combine the most diverse art forms and manifestations in showy superficiality and thus refute the widespread objection of antiaestheticism that art should not be decorative or, in particular, too “nice”. In such work, on the contrary, decoration plays a key role, whether it involves beads, signal colours and samplers, ornately arranged clippings from pornographic magazines, floral embroidery, poppy grains, elephant dung or industrial waste….”

Jíří Přibáň – professor of Cardiff University