National Gallery in Prague. The best of in one hour tour.

National Gallery is located at different places. Czech mediaeval art is in the complex from the 13th century, St. Agnes Convent  besides Veletržní Palace which is 1920’s building full of modern art in popular Holešovice district.

I will reveal for you the best of the collection so you will not lose your time looking for it and you will not miss out any hidden gem or an interesting story behind it. 

The history of the National Gallery in Prague started in 1796 when Society of Patriotic Friends of the Arts was established. Today the National Gallery presents fascinating amount of Czech as well as International artworks. You can admire the art of Picasso, Gauguine, Rousseau, Kupka, Rembrandt, Rubens or gothic Master Theodoricus, the painter of Emperor Chares IV.

I provide commented tours in the best Czech galleries.

Veletržní Palace: 19th, 20th and 21st centuries

Convent of St. Agnes: Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe