Czech Art Walks

The Best of Prague Art Galleries with the private guide and art historian


I will reveal for you the best of the collection so you will not lose your time looking for it and you will not miss out any hidden gem or an interesting story behind it. 

Prague art galleries have so much to offer. Due to Prague location on the European map it used to be a crossroad of many artistic influences. 

Enrich your Prague trip with the visit of one of the Prague magnificent art galleries.

Discover what stays hidden to most visitors. Enjoy both exterior and interior of ‘Golden Prague’.

Explore the art of the Czech collections with an art historian and the former curator of National Gallery during my commented tour.
You can choose from all the periods of art from Mediaeval art to Contemporary including Czech as well as International artists.

National Gallery in Prague – International and Czech art of 19th, 20th and 21st centuries; Baroque in Bohemia; European Art from the Classical Era to the end of Baroque; Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe

Kampa Museum – Central European Art from 20th century, Czech unofficial art from communist era when non-conformist art was banned

Picture Gallery at the Prague Castle – old masters from German, Dutch and Italian Renaissance, Mannerism, Central European and Dutch Baroque painters

David Černý’s Sculptures – fascinating open-air sculptural gallery of the best Czech / Prague contemporary artist spread in the heart of Prague