Ai Weiwei & Circle of Zodiac Heads

Ai Weiwei in Prague

(till August 31, 2016 – National Gallery in Prague, Trade Fair Palace)

Circle of Zodiac Heads, sculptures by renowned Chinese political activist and artist Ai Weiwei, are displayed in front of National Gallery in Prague (Veletrzni palác / Trade Fair Palace) as part of 220th anniversary of this institution.
These are copies of sculptures designed for the Garden of Perfect Brightness (Yuanmingyuan) near Beijing, which were destroyed by foreign troops in 1860 during one of the Opium Wars.
Installation was first shown in New York’s Central Park around the so-called Pulitzer’s Fountain in 2011 and became one of the most famous works of contemporary Chinese art.
Besides Weiwei art you can visit great expositions of Czech 20th century art and amazing collection of French art including Gauguin, Monet, Rodin, Rousseau, Léger, Braque or cubist artist Picasso; all installed in unique modern functionalist architecture.
For booking a private art tour / private Prague tour

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