Oskar Kokoschka & Prague; till 28 June 2015

The exhibition of an expressionist painter Oskar Kokoschka  is on display in National Gallery in Prague. Selection represents art works created by Kokoschka in 1934-1938 in Czechoslovakia. As a result of the Nazi’s growing power Kokoschka fled Austria for Prague and continued to England in 1938. In 1937 he acquired Czechoslovak citizienship. The exhibition will present a selection of works by Oskar Kokoschka that are on loan from Czech and foreign institutions and private collections. Representative works from Kokoschka’s “Prague” period are exhibited in the framework of Czech art that also reflects his collaboration with Dr. Hugo Feigl’s Gallery and the Mánes Fine Artists’ Society. Other showcased artists include Friedrich Feigl, Bohdan Heřmanský, Willy Nowak, Karel Vogel, Vincenc Makovský, Emil Filla, František Janoušek and Josef Čapek, as well as artists exiled in Czechoslovakia – John Heartfield, Theo Balden, Kurt Lade and Johannes Wüsten.


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