Barbara Probst – Total Uncertainity; April 24 – July 6

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Barbara Probst works with multiple images of a single scene, taken at the same time using several synchronised cameras.

Barbara Probst was born in Munich in 1964 and lives in both Munich and the United States.

Barbara’s approach breaks down the viewer’s singularity – it is not clear where the viewer is located within the given situation, which viewpoint is “his”.
Probst essentially engages in a sophisticated violation of the viewer’s privacy. Frozen time par excellence, the multiplication of images, unclear boundaries as to where the composition begins and ends, references to the aesthetics and linear narrative of movies – all these are distinctive elements found in the work of Barbara Probst.

Galerie Rudolfinum follows up on its series of solo exhibitions by photographers such as Jürgen Klauke, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Gregory Crewdson and Shirana Shahbazi.

Where: Galerie Rudolfinum, Namesti Jana Palacha
How to get there: tram 17, 18 Staromestka
metro green line A Staromestska
Tickets: 130 / 80 CZK


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