Tim Burton in Prague; till 3 August 2014

Tim Burton and His World 

till 3 August; Old Town Square – Tue-Sun 10 – 8 pm, 190 CZK

Dům U Kamenného zvonu / House at the Stone Bell; http://www.timburton.cz/

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This US director, graphic artist, designer and the surrealistic dreamer personally opened this unique exhibition in Prague.

To some extent, the Prague exhibition is different from the others in the world. 

It is placed in a magnificent mediaevel house from the 14th century.

In the basement of the House at the Stone Bell gallery, visitors can descend into the biggest archive of his animated projects, short experiements and documentation.

People have a chance to research the sources of the artist’s inspiration.

Tim Burton was inspired by Czech filmmakers such as animator Karel Zeman who combined live-action footage with animation and Czech surrealistic artist Jan Švankmajer. 

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